MAY 18-19 | Free Admission - Open to the Public

Saturday MAY 18

9:30am  Opening Remarks

9:35-10:03  Animation I

1. Metaphor Basile Vignes, Australia

2. Balance Raymond Limantara, Singapore

3. Saudade Agota Vegso, Hungary

4. General Rex vs. Aliens William DeVoe, USA

5. Hard Way Behnam Asadolahi, Iran

6. The Joys of Fatherhood Or Kan Tor, Israel

7. There Is Sea Armin Daneshvar, Iran

10:05-11:10  Documentary I

8. Boober Sriram Papolu,USA

9. Crazy Cat Lady Edward Loupe, USA

10. Justin Geller: Thought It Would Be A Good Story Jon Rehr, USA

11. The Skirt Erifili Davis, Australia

12. Dear Doctor Michael Hook, USA

13. Digital Living Marcus Mandal, Denmark

11:15-12:15  Student Fiction I

14. Blue Bags Float In Saltwater Jordan Anstatt, USA

15. San Miguel Cris Gris, Mexico

16. Unrest Shannon Giedieviells, USA

17. My Beloved Anxiety Paulo Ernesto, Brazil

18. Let’s Go Home Steve Masihoroe, Indonesia

19. Danke Antonio Sequeira, Portugal

12:20-12:50  Panel Discussion with Morning Filmmakers

12:55-1:35  Music Videos

20. I Am A Very Special Being Marcus Mandal, Denmark

21. A Story of Malevos Nahuel Srnec, Argentina

22. El Chapo Jamil Hannibal Wilson and Henry Gelperin, USA

23. Freaks Me Out Jon Mullane, USA

24. Unironic Love Song Luke Momo and Audrey Fenter, USA

25. Wonderwall Alexander Denysenko, Ukraine

26. Lotta-Nightingale Peter Englemann, Hungary

27. The Stop Liudmila Komrakova, Russian Federation

28. Bright Eyed In The Mornin’ Maria Fiorenti, Ireland

1:40-3:00  Fiction I

29. Relicious Eugenio Villani and Raffaele Palazzo, Italy

30. Boxed Wanjiru Njendu, USA

31. The Light Watcher Jessica Green and Jen Lyon, USA

32. Greenkeeper Lisa Pozo Nunez, Germany

33. The Letter Joe Leone, USA

34. Acting Class Frank Corbiserie, USA

35. Bae Ryan Cervasio, USA

36. Three Sonnets Jeffrey Delano Davis, USA

37. Fairy Tail Justin and Kristin Schaack, USA

3:00-3:30  Panel Discussion with Afternoon Filmmakers

4:00-5:30 Post-Festival Reception at Mediterra Restaurant and Bar  29 Hulfish Street Princeton NJ

Sunday MAY 19

9:00am  Opening Remarks

9:05-9:15  Trailers

38. The Birth Of Deceit Yaw Agyapong, USA

39. The Astronot Tim Cash, Canada

40. Interstate Trailer Dane Elcar, USA

41. The Uncelebrated Pioneer Kevin Stewart, USA

9:20-10:30  Documentary II

42. A Place Like Home Ilene Dube, USA

43. Dovere for Camden Douglas Clayton, USA

44. A Safe Place, The Parent Linking Program Melda Grant and Sam Russell, USA

45. Princeton-Blairstown Center: A Place To Grow Ed Rodgers and George McCollough, USA

10:35-12:00  Fiction II

46. Angels In Rocket Field Pamela Perrine, USA

47. Kuchenhimmel Petr Eremin, Germany

48. Burqa City Fabrice Bracq, France

49. Figs For Italo Bob Celli and Laura Delano, USA

50. Shyft Jennifer Plotzke, USA

51. The Visit Christian Werner, Germany

12:00-12:30 Panel Discussion with Morning Filmmakers