SATURDAY MAY 20 (Films listed by director)



9:00  Opening Remarks

9:15-9:30  Animation - Students

  1. Seeking Crystal Law, USA

  2. Angelica Jenae Hall, Australia

  3. The Moon Is Essentially Gray Hannah Roman, USA

  4. Scraps Marnus Nagel, South Africa

9:15-9:30  Documentary

  1. The Burning Old Boy Rahman Mani, Bangladesh

  2. Communiversity Syth DeVoe, Princeton

  3. Passage to Hope Tom Pyle, Princeton

10:30-11:40 Fiction I - Students

  1. Runaway Noemi Schneider, Switzerland

  2. Two Minutes Ahead Luca Metodo, Italy

  3. Samedi Cinema Mamadou Dia, Senegal

  4. Driven Johannes Backman, Germany

  5. The Guilt List Tereza Hirsch, Czech Republic

  6. Blanche’s Bichon Buzz Isabella Sharp, USA

11:45-12:00 Walnut Lane Student Film Festival Winners

  1. Falling Together Olivia Gomez & Leah Schmult, JW Middle School

  2. Journey, Helena Wolk, Princeton High School

12:05-12:45 Panel Discussion With Morning Filmmakers

12:45-2:45 Fiction II

  1. The Story of 90 Coins,  Michael Wong, China

  2. The Guy Came On Horseback,  Hossein Dasterjdi, Iran

  3. Keep the Chocolates,  Kevin Boston, USA

  4. A Whole World For A Little World,  Fabrice Bracq, France

  5. Creak,  Elizabeth Dean, USA

  6. I Run,  Alessio Micielli, Italy

  7. Brunch,  Nate Hapke, USA

  8. Take The Chocolate,  Shahid Kamal, United Kingdom

  9. A Slice of Life,  Phillip Carroll, USA

  10. Choices,  Rick Hamilton, USA

  11. After Eights,  Celine Cotran, United Kingdom

  12. South Pole,  Emin Akpinur, Turkey

  13. Shalia,  Joao Inacio, Brazil

2:50-3:30 Panel Discussion With Afternoon Filmmakers and Day 2 Preview

(films listed by director)

9:00  Opening Remarks

9:10-10:15 Documentary II

  1. America Heard: Refuge of Hope, Yasmin Mistry, USA

  2. Pierre Andre Simmons, Jenny Groza, USA

  3. The Pianist of Yarmouk, Vikram Ahluwalia, United Kingdom

  4. A Wonderful Difficult Journey, Kirk Ponton, Princeton

10:20-11:45 Fiction III

  1. Hi, My Name Is Tiara, Montgomery,USA

  2. Thanksgiving, Mike Messier, USA

  3. I Promised, Danny Malin, Canada

  4. The Inuring, James Hughes, United Kingdom

  5. The Endless River, Mohammed Mohammadian, Iran

  6. The Unconventional Gourmet, Wendy Keeling, USA

  7. Fastball, Jeremy McCracken, Canada

  8. Blues Ain’t Nothin’ But,  Ashok Vardhan, India

  9. Red Branko,  Tomovic, Serbia

  10. One Heart Arturo, Vargas, USA

11:50-12:30 Panel Discussion With Filmmakers